Newborns - 2 years old

Our babies are our most precious people at Lake Swamp, and we always make sure that they’re cared for to the best of our ability. Mrs. Ada McLaughlin and Ms. Kelsey McLaughlin love all of them, and do a wonderful job of caring for them during Sunday School.


3k & 4K

These little ones have curious minds, and we try to make the most of their curiosity during Sunday School. Mrs. Susan Spurling is their teacher, and she loves teaching them truths from God’s Word.



5k - 2nd grade

This is such a fun age to be around, and Sunday School at Lake Swamp is no exception. These students are full of energy, and Mrs. Katherine Wallace does a wonderful job of teaching them the scriptures on their level.


3rd - 6th grade

This class is also an important group. Many of them have come to Christ, and they’re learning how to walk with the Lord on a daily basis. Mrs. Shelley Stokes consistently teaches them God’s World to help them in their journey.



7th - 12th grade

Our youth are a great group of people at Lake Swamp. They need some authentic people to follow, and Mr. Scott Jordan is a man who leads them well. He is committed to giving them what they need from God’s Word to navigate the waters of being a teenager in our culture.


Adult I

College & career

The college and career years are oftentimes years of change and challenge. At Lake Swamp, we believe that every age is important, and this age is no exception. Eddie and Cathy Parnell understand this age and desire to come alongside them to offer them truths from God’s Word during these times of change and growth.

Adult II

20’s - 30’s

This age is so often a busy time of raising children and working hard at your job. We all need a time to come together and people to share our lives with. This class offers a community of people who are experiencing the same joys and struggles. Dr. Tim Spurling does a great job of bringing the Word of God to them in the midst of their busy lives.

Adult III

40’s - 50’s

Many of the folks in this class are those who have the opportunity and responsibility of leading others. They need to saturate themselves with biblical truths for living so that they may live them in their own lives, but also for the purpose of influencing and training others in their lives. Mr. Tim Ritter does an excellent job of presenting these biblical principles every week.


60’s & up

This class is filled with men and women who are enjoying their time as grandparents, finishing up their careers, or even retirement. They realize their need to walk with the Lord every day. Mr. Terrell Matthews does a great job of teaching them God’s Word.


Senior Ladies

These ladies have a wonderful time together each week as they study God’s Word together, share prayer requests, and thank God for all of the blessings in their lives. They all are really excited to see new faces in the class. Mrs. Kathy Stokes and Mrs. Marie Stephens do a wonderful job of leading these ladies in studying the Word of God.